Deciding Which Size Santa Cruz Storage Unit For Your Needs

Different individuals and businesses have various needs when it comes to the size of unit that they will need in keeping belongings. Therefore, a Santa Cruz storage unit should come in a variety of sizes as well to fit a customers needs. Town Center Storage offers an outstanding website that actually lists different sized units to choose from. When it comes to the old saying “one size does not fit all”, nothing could be more true with storage. Let’s take a look at the different size storage units Santa Cruz has to offer.

Santa Cruz Storage Unit Sizes To Choose From

5’x5’ –This is the smallest of the storage units. This would be perfect for someone that only has a few smaller items to store. Perhaps you have a few boxes of tax returns you want to hold on too. No need to store them in your home or personal office when you have a Santa Cruz storage unit. Also, you can store small to medium sized boxes or a variety of small items. To decide if this is the right size for you it is a good idea to start organizing. Put the amount of items you want to store together and see if that will be big enough. If not you can always rent a larger space.

10’x10’ – This size is great if you’re looking to sell your home and want to store some of your items in the meantime. This size units can actually hold two bedrooms or a family room. This is a great option for someone that has quite a few items to store, but nothing very large.

10’x15’ –With five more feet of additional storage space you can hold approximately three large bedrooms and large boxes.

10’x20’ –This is a nice sized unit that could hold a large amount of items. If you have a large collection that you need to store this would be a great size to consider. This size will work for larger items as well. Items such as a piano, tables, or medium sized furniture.

10’x30’ –The big guy. If you need to an entire house of furniture this would be the perfect size. Perhaps you’re leaving on a long trip around the world and will be moving into a new place when you return. Store all of your belongings in one place and enjoy them when you get back.

Be Sure Before Choosing Your Santa Cruz Storage Unit

So remember, compare before making a decision on which sized Santa Cruz storage unit to rent. Make sure to choose the one that’s right for your storage needs and financial budget. There are several different size storage units to choose from when you rent from Town Center Storage. Contact Town Center Storage by phone at (907) 891-8008 or online to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff members!

Santa Cruz Self Storage And Moving Services Done Right

It’s easy for people to never realize how much they accumulate until it’s actually time to move out of their house or apartment. Not to mention, when you start packing everything into boxes just how overwhelming everything can be. In some cases, the boxes will actually take up every square inch of the house! But, with Town Center Storage, Santa Cruz self storage and moving services can help. Making the entire moving process stress-free by providing you with boxes and moving supplies needed during a move.

Benefits Of Using A Moving Van or Truck

With Town Center Storage moving services, you no longer have to worry about how you’re going to transport all of your belongings from one home to the next. A moving truck is one of the greatest conveniences for people to have during a big move. There are many companies that rent out moving vans and moving trucks. However, not all companies are alike. Companies like Town Center Storage make sure their customers are completely satisfied during the moving process. They offer Santa Cruz self storage and moving services done right!

It’s always a good idea to go with a moving company that provides first-class service to their customers. Most of all, you want to choose a company that has well maintained moving trucks. You don’t want to get stuck with a company that doesn’t take care of their vehicles. Nothing slows down the moving process than being stuck somewhere due to a poorly maintained moving truck. Authorized Santa Cruz moving companies provide their customers with quality service by making sure their moving trucks are in good running condition before you rent the vehicle.

Santa Cruz Self Storage And Moving Services Done Right

Another important thing to consider when searching for a Santa Cruz self storage and moving services company is to find one that is courteous and accommodating. Whether we like it or not, there is a possibility that something might go wrong during your move. It’s important to have access to a staff that will help you resolve your problem and make a stressful situation easier. This is why it’s important to find a company that you can rely upon during a somewhat stressful time and transition.

When searching for a Santa Cruz self storage and moving services company, it’s a good idea to do some research. Check the Web for customer reviews and input. This will give you a general idea of the type of moving company you’re choosing. Another great step is actually visiting the company before your actual moving date. We all know that moving can be a major expense. But, Santa Cruz self storage and moving services companies provide their customers with competitive rates. So, whether you need to rent a moving truck for a small load or a heavy load, you can save money on your next move. For a free storage unit or moving services estimate, call Town Center Storage at (831) 684-7608.

Santa Cruz Storage Facility Offers Only The Best Features

Most of us decide to get a storage unit at some point because it is so easy to accumulate possessions over time. If this is you, consider renting one from Town Center Storage, the premier Santa Cruz storage facility. Not only do they offer only the best features and benefits, but also at an affordable price. It’s less expensive to store your things at a Santa Cruz storage facility than you think. Ask Town Center Storage about their $29.95 move-in special before you decide to reserve a Santa Cruz storage facility unit. And don’t forget about their FREE MOVING Truck Special, a $175 Value. You can rest assured you’re getting the best deal in Santa Cruz with Town Center Storages 90 day price assurance guarantee.

Affordable Self Storage Units In Santa Cruz Are Right Around The Corner!

Many storage facilities are located in and around the area of Santa Cruz, California. With so many choices it can be time consuming deciding which will accommodate all your storage needs. Luckily, Town Center Storage offers affordable self storage units in Santa Cruz and is right around the corner! A new privately owned and operated business that is quickly becoming the first choice for quality and affordability amongst storage facilities.

Locals Choice For Self Storage Units in Santa Cruz

Family Owned & Operated

For over 20 years we’ve been family owned and operated. Hence why Town Center Storage is the locals choice for self storage units in Santa Cruz. When you’re looking for a storage facility you want to make sure you choose a company that has a good reputation. The goal of any self storage facility should be to make sure their customers are happy with the service they provide.With staff that lives on site, you have peace of mind knowing your items are safe at our location. Supporting a local business and saving yourself a great deal money is what you will get in dealing with Town Center Storage.

Features And Benefits Included With Self Storage Units

Town Center Storage offers self storage units in Santa Cruz that include a variety of features and benefits. For example, typical storage space sizes can range from 5′ x 5′ to 10′ x 30′. No matter the size or amount of items, you can find a storage space that fits your individual needs.

Here are a few features that come with a typical self storage unit:

  • Free Loading Cards
  • Door Alarms
  • 24/7 manned security
  • CCTV and more…

Town Center Storage also sends a free move-in truck and driver to your front door to help with the transportation of your stored belongings. Areas of servicing are: Scotts Valley Storage, Santa Cruz Storage, Felton Storage, Ben Lomond Storage, and Boulder Creek Storage.

Another advantage of renting a unit at a storage facility is that you can have access to your storage space 7 days a week – including major holidays.

Best Price in Town For Self Storage Units in Santa Cruz

At Town Center Storage we give you peace of mind knowing you have received the best deal in town. With our 90 Day Price Assurance Guarantee and free downsizing included should your needs change. Most corporate locations do not offer free moving trucks or the highly reduced move-in rates that Town Center Storage offers. In addition, this center offers easy online payments for their tenants convenience. If you find that the tenure of your possessions at their facility is cut short they will refund you the prorated cost of your rental. Yet another notable advantage. Furthermore, this is a small business and as such the profits acquired find their way back into the community. Another reason why Town Center Storage is locals choice for self storage units in Santa Cruz.

Self Storage in Santa Cruz Makes Moving That Much Easier!

Are You Moving To The Santa Cruz Area?

Are you moving into a new house but don’t have room to store your unused furniture? Instead of spending time worrying about your belongings, put them into a storage unit. Which means you can free up some space within your home, and utilize self storage in Santa Cruz. Storing your unused furniture gives you more freedom to get work done on your new home without the need to move your furniture and belongings around the house. 

Self-storage in Santa Cruz

Self-storage in Santa Cruz offers premium services at affordable prices. There are many facilities conveniently located near Santa Cruz’s main freeways. Using a company that offers self-storage in Santa Cruz will be beneficial while moving. A reputable company will ensure your personal and valued possessions are properly stored. The benefit of using self-storage in Santa Cruz is that it offers storage for household, personal and even business items. Here are a few popular features that come with renting a storage space.