Best Scott’s Valley Storage Center Has Units Available

Looking for the best Scott’s Valley storage center that matches your needs can be a long process. Ensuring that you are leaving your belongings in good hands is important. Hence why there are certain things to look for during your search amongst different storage companies around the Scott’s Valley area. We make the search even easier by leading you to the best Scott’s Valley storage center, Town Center Storage. Offering the best storage unit services to their customers is only the beginning. Services include anything and everything a customer could possibly want in a storage center. Plus, the added bonus of amazing security features that many storage facilities don’t have.

Scott’s Valley Storage Center Is California Residents First Choice

With our population always growing, there’s no wonder why storage centers are common to find these days. Many people utilize storage while moving, or just to make room in their home for a growing family. But how to choose a quality, yet affordable Scott’s Valley storage Center? Look no further than California residents first choice, Town Center Storage. This Scott’s Valley storage center safely stores furniture and other belongings at affordable monthly prices. 

Scotts Valley Self Storage Center Is Residents Favorite Facility

Scotts Valley self storage center offers premium services at affordable prices, making them residents favorite facility. Their many facilities are located near Scotts Valley freeways, which offers convenience as well. Utilizing a Scotts Valley storage center can be beneficial while moving, during a remodel, or downsize. The benefit of using self storage is also available to individuals and businesses alike.Using a reputable company, like Town Center Storage, ensures your personal and valued possessions are stored safely.

Benefits Offered By A Scotts Valley Self Storage Center

One of the benefits of going with a local Scotts Valley self storage center are the money saving specials offered. Many specials include a free one-time use moving truck rental, free unit locks, and complimentary use of loading carts. Storage services are competitive, which helps keep monthly rental fees in your budget. You can also expect storage companies to offer individually alarmed units, video cameras, drive up access, and ground level units.

Here are a few benefits that come with renting a storage space:

  • Open 7 Days a Week (Including major holidays)
  • Complimentary Loading Carts
  • Individual Door Alarms on each unit
  • Close Circuit TV Systems
  • Zoned Fire and Smoke Detectors

Keep in mind, sometimes a Scotts Valley self storage center can provide mini-warehouses for storage in addition to the regular sized warehouses. Also, most storage centers have a large variety of packing supplies offered on the premises for purchase. You can find everything for your packing needs such as multiple box sizes, locks, and other storage supplies.

Visit Town Center Storage For A Closer Look

Before reserving a self storage unit, make sure you tour the facility, view online, or make a visit in person. You can easily contact your local facility to make arrangements to view a potential storage unit in person. An online location map, such as below, will assist you with convenient directions from your nearest freeway. Make sure there is easy access to your storage facility as this will make getting in and out of it easier. Be sure to check your local storage center website for their office hours for weekdays and weekends, as they will vary.

Whatever your Scotts Valley self storage center needs, Town Center Storage is sure to provide service that is convenient and economical. Call (831) 684-7608 for a free estimate or click here for more information.


The Premier Storage Center Scott’s Valley

Storage Center Scott’s Valley

Are you searching for storage center Scott’s Valley? In this post, we’re going to share a few tips on the right way to store certain items, such as kitchen appliances and other types of items.

How to Store Metal Tools

The worse thing is discovering that you metal tools have become tarnished or rusted after storing them in storage center Scott’s Valley. Make sure that you keep them well packed within a tool box. Also, if you’re storing items, such as a brush (hair brush or tool) make sure that you never store them face down. In other words, you don’t want to store them on the bristles.

Storing Vacuum Cleaners

Make sure that you never store your vacuum cleaner with the bag inside (unless it’s empty). Always remove your vacuum bag if it’s full.

Storing Leather Items

If you’re storing leather items in a storage center Scott’s Valley, make sure you treat your leather goods before storing them in a facility. You can use leather cleaner and a clean soft towel to clean your items. This will help preserve your items.

Storing Photographs in Storage

If you decide to store your photographs in storage and you don’t have time to place them neatly into a photo book, make sure you place clean pieces of cardboard between each photograph. Make sure you tape them securely with clear tape.

Storage Center Scott’s Valley

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