Important Storage Reminders For Self Storage in Olympia California

Self Storage in Olympia California

If you’ve found the best storage center in Scott’s Valley, Town Center Storage, the next step is storing your items. In this post, we’re going to share a few tips on the right way to store certain items and belongings. Items such as kitchen appliances, leather furniture, photographs and other types of belongings. Read more below for tips on keeping your belongings safe and sound, when using self storage in Olympia California.

How to Store Metal Tools

The worse thing is discovering that you metal tools have become tarnished or rusted after storing them at your self storage in Olympia California. Make sure that you keep them well packed within a tool box. Also, if you’re storing items, such as a brush (hair brush or tool) make sure that you never store them face down. In other words, you don’t want to store them on the bristles. This applies unnecessary pressure leaving the bristles bent or broken, hence defeating the purpose of storing them!

Storing Vacuum Cleaners

Make sure that you never store your vacuum cleaner with the bag inside (unless it’s empty). Always remove your vacuum bag if it’s full. Hence ensuring that your self storage in Olympia California will not be tainted with unwanted guests, molds, or unknown substances.

Storing Leather Items

If you’re storing leather items at your self storage in Olympia California, make sure you treat your leather goods before storing them. You can use leather cleaner and a clean soft towel to clean your items. This will help preserve your items. Hence giving you peace of mind that your furniture will be good as new when you need them in the future.

Storing Photographs in Storage

If you decide to store your photographs at your self storage in Olympia California, make sure they stay safe! If you don’t have time to place them neatly into a photo book, make sure you place clean pieces of cardboard between each photograph. Make sure you tape them securely with clear tape. Doing this will keep their structure and quality, especially when being moved from one place to another.

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Residents First Choice for Mini Storage in Olympia

Looking for the right mini storage in Olympia to meet your needs can be a long process. You need to be sure to look for certain things to ensure you are leaving your belongings in good hands. Amongst complaints about storage facilities are that they lack security and that the customer is not given sufficient options to meet their needs. Make the move and go with residents first choice for mini storage in Olympia, Town Center Storage.

Storage Facility in Olympia – Deciding the Right Size Unit

When you decide it’s time to get a storage unit, consider renting one at Scotts Valley Storage. They are the premier  and newly renovated Storage Facility in Olympia. Before making your final decision, make sure you consider which size storage unit you will need. There are a variety of options and sizes available. It’s important to get a unit that’s big enough for everything you want to store.

Where to Find the Best Olympia Storage Center

There is a new storage unit offering competitive rates now conveniently close to you in the Santa Cruz area. The facility is a new addition to the community and is offering competitive rates for storage units of all sizes. It is conveniently located at 276 Mt Hermon Rd in Scott’s Valley which is near the intersection of Skypark Dr and Mt Hermon Rd. This location is outstanding as it is a central location in a well lit, safe part of the community. The site is remarkably clean, well kept, and all of the units are kept in a state of strict cleanliness.